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What is Equine Sports Therapy?

horse massageEquine Sports Therapy includes a variety of techniques which are extremely useful preventative and therapeutic measures and can benefit all horses; from the competitive athlete to the leisure horse. Fatigued muscles, ligaments & tendons can all benefit - increasing circulation and range of motion, improving disposition, relieving muscle spasm/tension, enhancing muscle tone and improving the horse's stamina and overall performance.

It is totally non-invasive and is a wonderfully comprehensive tool to work with the resolution of accidental and sports related injuries. It also promotes the good health and well-being of our equine friends.

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Benefits of Equine Sports Therapy

horse muscles

A range of techniques are used including:

  • Sports Massage
  • Stretching
  • Acupressure
  • Electronic Acupuncture
  • Electronic Neuromuscular Stimulator
  • Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy
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When is it Equine Sports Therapy needed?

Unlike the human athlete the horse cannot easily tell you of a minor strain or tension. It may at first present itself to you by a change in behaviour or performance. Often horses with behavioural problems are in pain and this is their way of communicating it too us. However at times a horse may be too well mannered to tell you! Massage could.


rearing horsefall


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Equine Sports Therapy - FAQs  


How long does a session last?

Anywhere between one and two hours.  I charge by the session not the minute.


How many sessions are needed?

Depending on the type and severity of the problem, 2 – 3 sessions may be required. Regular checkups once or twice a year can prevent minor injuries from becoming major problems and can help maintain performance


When will I notice the difference?

Sometimes there is an immediate notable improvement.  Sometimes it takes a few sessions.  Unless there is a direct trauma or accident, most soft tissue issues are accumulative.  They didn't happen overnight and they can take some time to improve.


How long do I have to wait until I can ride my horse after a session?

Healthy sound horses can be ridden after a session.  It is best to keep it nice and easy.  Large figures or hacking are best immediately after.  If you don't have time to ride, you need to hand walk within a few hours after a session.


My horse is off.  Can I have a look at him without veterinarian approval?

No, your vet needs to clear your horse for massage.  Sometimes your vet is in the process of testing your horse's response to a drug or therapy.  Outside influences could alter the findings.  It is always important that your vet rules out any underlying pathologies and disease.


Who are you recognised with?

  • The McTimoney Chiropractic Association
  • The International Equine Body Worker Association
  • International Massage Association


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Costs and Area Covered



New Customers £45.00
Regular Customers £40.00



We work primarily in Cornwall but please contact us with your requirements.